Wholesale or retail, A2 and A4 stainless steel screws. Raw and zinc-plated steel screws in 8.8 quality; 10.9 and 12.9 until M42.
FISCHER fixing, plastic, steel and stainless steel anchors. Chemical anchors, anchor studs.
Vacuum cleaner, professional high cleaner with KARCHER. After-sales service and on-site workshop for the KARCHER brand PRO range.
OCEANS TOOLS bag, metrology tools
Industrial maintenance products in aerosols under the JELT, SINTO and Amplitude services brands. Joint paste, mastic glue, waterproofing in the LOCTITE, GEB, BOSTIK brands.
Drills, taps, dies, milling cutter, hole saw in the ALPHA COUPE brand.
Solder, solder, electrodes, mask, glove in the CASTOLIN brand.
Oil and grease in the UNIL OPAL brand.
Grease gun, oil syringe, jug, funnel, grease nipples, bucket, ALGI brand.
BALDWIN marine filters, marine battery and pleasure craft.
Abrasive, cutting disc, flap wheel, wet paper, brand FLEXOVIT and BIBIELLE.
Brush, roller, bucket for paint.
Cloths, absorbent, ONYX product (acid, alcohol, acetone...).
Pen, marker, writing on multiple MARKAL surfaces.
PPE, protective gloves, mask, lifeline, safety shoe....
Hoists and tirfors
AMECA inserts and thread inserts
DEGOMETAL rivets and rivets.
Gas depot and sale

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