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Welcome to the IPC website!

I am very pleased to present the new Interprofession du Port de Concarneau (IPC ) website
Since its creation almost 25 years ago, IPC has been promoting companies and supporting large infrastructure projects in the port de Concarneau, in an environment of perpetual motion.

It was essential for its digital communication tools to be an accurate reflection of its dynamism, by means of a modern website accessible via all the latest means of communication, and through a presence on social networks.

Through this website we would like to inform you about the different trades involved in shipbuilding and ship repair present in Concarneau, and share with you all the news from our port, the companies in the sector and IPC’s projects.

Happy surfing!

Pascal Piriou


Created in 1993, IPC is the association that brings all the shipbuilding companies in the port of Concarneau together. It represents and promotes these companies and their expertise and skills.

There are around fifty companies in the shipbuilding sector, all members of IPC, offering their skills and responsive service in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair, and the supply of equipment and services to shipowners.

The complementarity of their trades, which are grouped together on the Concarneau site, allows them to meet all customers’ needs, for all types of ship: fishing, navy, scientific, passenger transport and ocean yachting.

Infrastructures appropriate to our customers’ needs
Concarneau has the appropriate complementary infrastructures to accommodate and work on all types of ship up to 120 metres.

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Proven expertise

A large number of shipowners have already put their trust in Concarneau’s expertise, for both shipbuilding and ship repair or refitting.

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The shipbuilding activities are an important part of Concarneau’s skill base, and there are several world-renowned shipyards, which have successfully built hundreds of vessels and delivered them throughout the world.

In terms of ship repair, the diversity and complementarity of the trades creates a synergy allowing them to meet all shipowners’ needs, from routine maintenance up to complete ship refits.

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  • Creation of SEMCAR, (Société d’Exploitation de Moyens de Carénage – Dry docking Equipment Operation Company).
  • Construction of the Dry dock accommodating ships of up to 120 metres.
  • Modernisation of dry docking and retrofitting equipment to ship repair environmental standards.
  • Covering of the Dry dock.
  • Promotion and communication of maritime events and trade shows.


(Français) Thomas Sophie

(Français) Thomas Sophie


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(Français) Albert Gwladys


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Dieudonne Philippe


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Buttet Maurice


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Dizay David


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Piriou Pascal



The network’s work is organised along different commissions :

Commission Infrastructures

Frédéric BREUILLY, Philippe DIEUDONNE, David DIZAY, Philippe DIZAY, Vincent FAUJOUR, Olivier GOUYEC, Frédéric JAOUEN, Dominique LALLEMENT, Dominique LE LAY, Frédéric LEON, Jean Yves LABBE, Pascal PIRIOU.


Commission Communication et Animation

Stéphanie BASSET, Pascal CITEAU, Olivier GOUYEC, Brigitte JAOUEN, Nadine ROLLAND, Stéphanie ROOS-FAUJOUR.


Commission Emploi – Formation :

Nouveau en 2017